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The Old Boys Association serves to keep the spirit alive of The Fort Augustus Old Boys; the former pupils -  boys and girls - who served at the Abbey School in Fort Augustus.  Since the School closed in the 90s (and subsequently the Abbey itself), the Old Boys Association has maintained to provide a network amongst Old Boys and to organise an annual dinner for Old Boys and their partners. This website assists to maintain this contact and support. Please bear in mind that this website is run by Old Boys from the school who have nothing to do with the monastery, school nor Benedictine Order.

There have been allegations of abuse taking place at the school which have deeply saddened Old Boys who attended the school and it is very sad to hear about former pupils' experiences at the school at the hands of monks whom we trusted and a particular member of staff. Further information for our fellow OBs regarding this matter can now be found here. A statement from the English Benedictine congregation can be found at

More information about the Old Boys Association and how to join and support us can be found here.

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Update! The 2015 newsletter is now available and can be found in the Newsletters section.

Carlekemp during the First World War

Carlekemp was bought in 1945 by Fort Augustus Abbey School as a prep school. Prior to 1945, it had been a family home. The Benedictine Abbess of Holme Eden, formerly the Abbess of the Old Convent at Fort Augustus and the sister of Old Boy Lord Carmont, told her brother to ask St Benedict to find a buyer for Long Bellenden, a handsome property he owned in North Berwick in East Lothian.So it was that on 9 October 1945, after a considerable amount of searching for a suitable site, the boys finally came to the mansion house of Long Bellenden (now reverting to its former name of Carlekemp). The building had been designed in 1898 by John Ross for the papermaker James Craig. Taken from Abbey Boys by Mike Turnbull (p261)

By 1918, the house was owned by a Mrs Addie. During the First World War and shortly afterwards, Carlekemp was used as a place for soldiers to convalescence there in 1918-19, recovering from serious wounds received from the battlefields in France. Huntly Gordon, a field gunner, was one such recipient of the care received and his son Gordon is about to republish his father's memoirs called  'The Unreturning Army' which also includes an account of his time convalescing at Long Bellenden (aka Carlekemp). 3 photos of Huntly Gordon in 1918 can be found in the photo gallery in the Carlekemp album.

A Rare Find - 1930s notebook from Abbey schoolboy

A notebook containing photos, fixture lists, many newspaper cuttings, a ticket for the Scotland v England rugby match in 1939 and many precious cuttings and notes was recently discovered. The content of the notebook has been scanned and the whole notebook can be found on the website.

The notebook belonged to a Freddie Macqueen and his daughter has kindly given permission for the notebook to be made available on this website. Click on the notebook picture to go to the dedicate page.


Abbots of Fort Augustus

A list of the abbots of Fort Augustus Abbey can be found on a new page (click here)


Mike Drummond RIP

This website is a tribute to Mike Drummond - one of our Old Boys (Carlekemp 1951-1956, Abbey 1956 to 1961). Mike set up the website and maintained it until his sad passing in April. Without his initiative and perseverance, many Old Boys would not be in touch today. As a man of vision, it is only right that we keep the website going. Without the right skills, this may be a challenge but we'll try. Thanks Mike for everything you did for us.

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Some of our Old Boys have written books which can be seen below.

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